Greenacres Learning Center

a place to learn, grow and discover


"Ms Dee makes me laugh"
- Gabe 4

"it is so fun"
- Sam 5

"Ms Jane makes the best food" 
- Tyson 4

"we have fun and play outside" 
- Scott 5

"we play games and color"
- Elle 4

"i like free time with the instruments"
-Jack 4
The Greenacres Philosophy 
We believe that the family is the strongest influence in the child’s growth and development.  Growth occurs in developmental stages and each stage must be offered, encouraged and supported.  Children should have opportunities to make their own choices and learn in a variety of social situations, even from an early age.

Quality child care means meeting the needs of the total child: socially, culturally, physically, intellectually and emotionally.  Active learning, which is hands on approach for the children, should be fun and a part of each day and we implement this through our discovery learning program which encourages exploration and new experience, socialization and an awareness of cultural diversity.  We also believe that the environment should feel safe and secure to the child and offer confidence and trust to the parents.