Rates for Kids Club

Pay Mon/Tues         Pay Wed
 $90.00                          $110.00                                          
Before OR after school          

Pay Mon/Tues         Pay Wed    
$80.00                           $ 100.00
Non School days $12.00 per day additional
 (includes teacher in -service workshops, snow days, conferences, school vacation/holidays)
 Transportation fee $20.00 per month per child.

A non refundable entrance fee of $75.00 per a child is due at the time of enrollment .
Welcome to the Kids Club


Our Kindergarten-Schoolage program (Kids Club) is the place to be for:
Imagination and Creativity
Journey with new experiences and personal growth
Our Kid's Club is a special place where children learn and play together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship.  We also provide special areas to meet children's needs..ie..homework area. Outdoor play is also included in our Kids club program.

Schools in the Highline School District we service:

  • Parkside Elementary
  • Des Moines Elementary
  • Midway Elementary