Days a Week                      Pay Mon/Tues         Pay Wed
5 days                                   $211.00                     $231.00
4 days                                   $201.00                     $221.00
3 days                                   $193.00                     $213.00

  Rates for Full Day Pre-School

  Rates for Pre-School Only

5 days a week     10:00am-12:30pm includes lunch $350/month
5 days a week    8:30am -12:30pm includes brkfst 
& lunch $540/month
4 days a week     10:00am-12:30pm includes lunch $280/month
4 days a week     8:30am-12:30pm includes brkfst & lunch $432/month
3 days a week      10:00am-12:30pm includes lunch $215/month
3 days a week     8:30am-12:30pm includes brkfst & lunch $330/month

A non refundable entrance fee of $75.00 per a child is due at the time of enrollment .
Welcome to the Little Rascal Room

4.5 to 5 years old 

Large Muscle Development:  
  • Motor movement which does includes activities i.e. running, jumping, climbing, exercises, balancing and games. 
  • Hop on one foot (4 times each foot)
  • To catch a ball bounced to them
  • Claps and marches with music
  • Jumps over 6” object landing on both feet

Fine Motor Development:  
  • Skill in handling manipulative materials which does include activities as cutting, pasting, painting, coloring, puzzles, stringing and peg work.
  • To begin to button or zip coat
  • Cuts on a line with scissors (straight and curved lines)
  • Draws human figure with major body parts
  • Copies a “t”  and copies a circle and square and traces a diamond

Social and Emotional Development:
  • A child’s sense of responsibility for themselves, their friends and experiences.
  • To develop the ability to reach concepts of right and wrong
  • To learn to take turns
  • Begins to understand that problems can be solved verbally not physically
  • To be able to distinguish when to use an (“outside voice” and an “inside voice”)

Cognitive Skills:  
  • Pre-reading, sensorial and math
  • Distinguish between right and left hand
  • To know last name by sight
  • To begin to understand opposites (hot-cold, up-down, soft-hard) and to begin to recognize senses (feel, smell, taste, sight and hearing)
  • Begins to order pictures by sequence to tell a story

  • To recognize numbers 1-5 (by sight)
  • Count to rote to 10
  • To begin to understand simple measurements (long-short, big-little)
  • Points to and names: triangle, circle, square, rectangle and diamond