Days a Week                      Pay Mon/Tues         Pay Wed
5 days                                   $245.00                     $265.00
4 days                                   $235.00                     $255.00
3 days                                   $227.00                     $247.00

A non refundable entrance fee of $75.00 per a child is due at the time of enrollment .

  Rates for Toddler Care

Welcome to the Poliwog Room 

12 months to 20 months

There are many different benchmarks and goals for our little Poliwogs; Large Muscle Development, Fine Motor Development, Social/Emotional Development and Cognitive Skills.

Large Muscle Development:
Motor movement which does includes activities i.e. running, jumping, climbing exercises, balancing and games.

To be able to kick or roll a large ball
To be able to move to music
To be able to jump in place
To be able to climb steps

Fine Motor Development:
Skill in handling manipulative materials which does includes activities i.e. coloring, puzzles, stringing, peg work and tearing paper. Examples are

To be to drink from a sippy cup
To assemble simple wooden puzzles
Help dress and undress self
Enjoy water and sand play

Social and Emotional Development:
 A child’s sense of responsibilities for themselves and their friends and experiences. Examples are:
To refer to themselves by their own name and know friend’s name
Recognizes self in photograph
Enjoys doing the same thing over and over
Shows wide range of emotions

Cognitive Skills:
 Pre-reading, sensorial and math. Examples are
To understand simple mathematical terms thru finger plays (1-5_
Listen to a short story
Can name pictures of common objects (cat, dog, house)
Able to follow simple one step directions